When I Die

Karen Forslin-Bojnansky


The moment, the date

when God calls me back,

I aspire to know

to keep me on track.


As a teenager, almost died once

left its horror and deep scar.

Angelic visitation Divine intervention

fear of Death no more.


Precious time, cherished people

in and out of my life,

Left pictures, many stories

of love, hate and strife.


My goal, to be authentic

not façade, masked or fake,

Live honestly, love openly

strive to give and not take.


My life, races past me

endless duties, moments few

until I gaze into God’s eyes

and ask “How did I do?”


When Death visits, that final day

my Spirit leaves its abode,

Know I’m ecstatic, full yet empty,

traveling Soul side on God’s road.