What Love is Not



Love is like a rose – 

             or so they say. 

               with its soft velvet petals, 

               whispering promises of comfort 

               within its silky hold. 

               But that is all they are – 



Love is like a rose 

               with its sweet aroma 

               enticing you, 

               tempting you, 

               drawing you, 

               towards its beauty 

               like a bear towards honey. 

               And like a bee’s sting, 

               the rose’s thorns prick you 

               and stun you. 

               You pull back as fast as you can, 

               but it’s too late. 

               The damage is done, 

               and a dull ache remains. 


Love is like a rose 

               with its blood red petals 

               full of Love. 

               Red like Anger, 

               Red like Pain. 


If this is truly Love, 

               then Love must be a weed, 

               harming others for selfish gain. 


This cannot be Love. 

               For Love is Patient and Kind. 

               Love does not tempt you  

               towards danger, 

               but holds you in its arms

               shielding you from any harm. 


Love is gentle in every way, 

               whether with words 

               or fleeting touches. 

               Love does not make promises. 

               Love makes declarations. 


Here I stand before the world and ask, 

               “Why should Love 

               be like a rose 

               when a rose is everything 

               Love is not?”