Jasmine Meza

We can go to the park

We can hide in the yellow slides

We can lay on the wood chips as we fall for eternity

We can go swing back and forth to oblivion

We can follow this stranger

We can get kidnapped


We can go home

We can go take a nap in a forgetful mattress

We can rest our heads on these sinkable pillows

We can never wake up


We can try a new restaurant

We can try different foods we have never encountered

We can choke on the food


We can go to the pool

We can go swimming underwater

We can play the game who can hold their breath the longest

We can drown


We can go driving

We can go speeding as we don't have our seat belts on

We can listen to the increasingly loud honks telling us to stop

We can stare into the bright blinding lights shining in our direction

We can get in a car crash


We can’t live our lives in fear

We can only live by taking risks

As there will always be that uncertainty in everything we do

Life is just never predictable