Truthful Eyes



There is a fire in everyone’s eyes, 

That burns the brightest bright. 

But sometimes that flame dies, 

When someone extinguishes the light. 


Eyes tell more truth than lies, 

They reveal the true heart. 

You can see someone’s laughs and cries. 

Just look, it’s a start. 


The eyes dart away, 

When someone is in pain. 

They have no words to say. 


The eyes glisten, 

When someone is about to cry. 

Will you give them a listen? 


The lines crinkle, 

When someone wears a smile. 

Their eyes also twinkle. 


Can you read eyes? 

Can you see the darkness, 

That someone is trying to hide? 


Many put on a show, 

To hide their suffering. 

That way no one will know, 

How badly they’re crying. 


Are you watching? 

Do you see? 

Someone is withering. 


Eyes are so lovely. 

But the pain they hide 

Is horrifically ugly.