To Catch a Mermaid

Karen Forslin-Bojnansky


My youthful siren song

naively sung to him,

we flirt with eyes that dance,

draw us closer to tease

playfully push at the edge of the pier.


A warm lake engulfs us

as we plunge clothed into shrouded water.

We stand in soft mud face to face.

Sugarcoated bait sours

to harsh demands.


“Kiss me, screw me, I want you!”

A charming face turns dark, hardens

as my rebuff accelerates his anger.

Angling, he attempts to persuade

but pulls too hard on the line.


Fun becomes fear as I try to elude

but his hooks sink deep into my wrists.

Caught, his new strategy emerges.

Cruel words threaten

force blocks my departure.


I twist free my hands and flee

just two more strokes to freedom pier.

Snagged again, trapped in his net

I plead and flop to escape

his malevolence.


Punishment my reward as he

forces me beneath murky waters

until my fight and oxygen expire.

Resigned to soon breathe water

my Soul implores God to intervene.


A light pierces the gloom and my despair,

transported into a radiant bubble

a glowing silent angel appears to hold my hand

smiling “everything’s all right”

while time miraculously pauses.


Chastened, the net draws me from my watery grave

to cough and gasp cool summer air.

A friend calls for me, interrupted

he begrudgingly releases me with whispered threat,

a vow to be re-caught only next time filleted.


I imprint his tactics, mark the buoys,

battle scarred but grateful, I resolve

to never swim in hostile waters