The Warrior Healer


Matt McNichols


Some are destined to be one thing

Some are destined to be two

The latter describes myself

For I have been a butcher of men

And a savior to others of my ilk

My hands have been suited for a dual purpose

To wield the sword and axe against foe

And through graces not fully understood

Send magical healing into the wounds of my tribesman

I kill out of duty, not desire

Gifted with the sword, yet I take no pleasure from it

Warriors are numerous in tribe, healers are rare

Yet my astuteness in fighting chains me to the battlefield

While my God-given talent lies precariously dormant

Until the heinous injuries of my kinsmen are too great to bear

Perhaps I will miraculously grow old and unfit for confrontation

Then my true calling will finally be utilized to its fullest

For I fear not death, only destined potential squandered

Taking lives versus saving them is my life’s conundrum

May I solve it before it’s too late