The Premature Sap

Tricia Marcella Cimera


Yes, he was young

            but not inexperienced.

He’d done this before

            to much great acclaim.

Timing it perfectly,

            to the exact moment,

causing such sighs,

            such rapturous cries

with his performance!

            Then this girl blew in,

skirt blowing up,

            up in the wind,

apple-cheeked cheeky,

            curves round as pumpkins,

eyes flashing heat

            like bonfire sparks.

One glimpse of her,

            he fell, what a fall,

trembling and shaking,

            bending near breaking,

he        PEAKED!

            But too soon.

Now there he stands,

            bright blushing red,

golden head boughed,

            beside all the others

swaying tall, in control.

            He, the first tree

to burst with excitement

            and color

before Autumn herself

            fully came.