"the nightmare"


By Bonniejean Alford


The soul battles,

longing for freedom

from the horrors that bound it.

Yet, the nightmare lingers;

even as joy seems just within reach.

Haunted by memories

no child should know;

scarred by hate and ugliness,

held paralyzed by emotions,

lost in the weight of the rain.  

No rainbow in sight.

A once and future prisoner,

captive to the promises made in love and duty.

The nightmare scoffs at the loyalty,

given freely to those which give not.

Moments stolen by someone else’s power.

A legacy persists that isn’t deserved;

but hate remains not.

For even just a glimmer of hate

locks chains around the soul,

hindering movement and purpose

and denies the future its rightful place.

A destiny of revelation

shines the path with lightening ever bright.

A journey of healing traverses,

step by step, choice by choice.

Only the thunderstorms of life offer comfort,

serving as a reminder that good remains.

Choice the weapon of need

And words the teller of stories.

Forgiveness is the key!

Released into hope,

an unknown freedom awaits.

Shedding the nightmare of its power

And the memory of its pain.