The Never Ending Sari





The wedding night 

of Ravi and Jyoti.  

Her sari is as red 

as her sweet cherry 

mouth.  Her little toes peep out 

from underneath 

like delicate pink 

tiny succulent 



She whets 

Ravi’s appetite - it’s time! 

Jyoti’s golden bangles 

whisper yes yes 

sliding off each smooth arm. 

She smiles a musing smile 

and then begins   

to unwind 

her silky rosy sari. 

As she does, she sings: 


Why can’t you be taller? 

Why can’t you be younger? 

Why can’t you be smarter? 

Why can’t you be handsomer? 

Why can’t you be rupee-richer? 

Why can’t you be like Rupesh, my ex? 


Time passes.  

Ravi bows his luckless head, 

apologizing profusely 

sorry sorry sorry! 

His new wife nods, 

happily singing 

why why why. 

The sari unwinds on and on 

and on, 

like an endless, hopeless dream. 


They’ve only just begun.