Star Child


Matt McNichols


The stars aligned when this spirit was born

A luminous being destined for a long journey through space and time

Many lessons to be learned over many lifetimes

Always yearning to reunite with the beautiful light in the sky

Rejuvenate with the light, learn from the light

Then return to the solid ground of Mother Earth

Where school is in session for the soul

When away from the great luminescence

The spirit may suffer

But it is always fated to return to the all-encompassing love

That the bright radiance freely gives to its children


Strive towards the ideals of the light

Find peace in knowing

Love is the common denominator

The great uniter

This trave The Warrior Healer


Some are destined to be one thing

Some are destined to be two

The latter describes myself

For I have been a butcher of men

And a savior to others of my ilk

My hands have been suited for a dual purpose

To wield the sword and axe against foe

And through graces not fully understood

Send magical healing into the wounds of my tribesman

I kill out of duty, not desire

Gifted with the sword, yet I take no pleasure from it

Warriors are numerous in tribe, healers are rare

Yet my astuteness in fighting chains me to the battlefield

While my God-given talent lies precariously dormant

Until the heinous injuries of my kinsmen are too great to bear

Perhaps I will miraculously grow old and unfit for confrontation

Then my true calling will finally be utilized to its fullest

For I fear not death, only destined potential squandered

Taking lives versus saving them is my life’s conundrum

May I solve it before it’s too late ling soul has held this awareness all along

Yet it takes years, lifetimes

To truly remember, grasp, and practice

This age-old paradigm

The star child continues his ongoing circular route

Needing love, giving love, being love