Spiritual Smorgasbord

Karen Forslin-Bojnansky


Born woman I walk this earth

my song joins the wind

my blood promises life

yet I compete and fight like a man.


Baptised Christian I pray

the Eucharist forgives

Jesus loves me

yet I feel God’s presence everywhere

like a psychic.


Meditate with lit candle

smell of burnt incense

chant Eastern mantras

yet I embrace angels and miracles

like a nun.


Emit Reiki energy from palms

rocks assist as crystals whisper

I channel Divine love

yet I doubt my ability

like a novice.


Lift sacred chanupa pipe

in wilderness prayer

circle for a heart talk with Creator

yet I question my acceptance

like a stepchild.


Radiant moon on star filled nights

imbues my heart and soul

to sing praise to God

yet my eclectic worship varies

like many paths.