She is With You

Bonniejean Alford


Her soul exists still, changed,

merged with you as you breathe, in your thoughts.

That warmth you feel in the morning, her smile.

That shivering you feel from time to time, her tears at your sadness.

That pressure on your arm, her hand providing comfort.


Her love engulfs you,

present in your heart, your soul.

The storm of life may battle around you,

but she is with you, protecting you with the thunder;

cleansing you with the rain;

Brightening your world with the sunlight.


For now, oh loved one, live your life, even if you feel seemingly alone.

You are not alone.

She will forever be at your side,

her form merely on another plane of existence.

One day, far in the future, you will join her there,

and dance through eternity.