By John J. Gordon


For those whose student days

reside in mature memories,

it was like mining for gold:

sifting through mounds of material,

searching for a nugget,

hoping to unearth an information mother lode.

Toiling on a term paper

meant rummaging about musty library stacks,

juggling piles of handwritten note cards,

extracting gems from obscure sources.

This mandatory, mind-stretching exercise  

demanded academic discipline,

developed intellectual “muscle“,

even garnered an occasional glittering grade.

Physical mining remains strenuous.

Mining information is now streamlined;  

simplified by powerful computer search engines

programmed to capture, catalog, retrieve, serve.

Need information about “Extinct New Zealand Birds”,  

“Medieval Celtic Music”, or “2nd Century Roman Coins”?

A few keyboard strokes, mouse clicks

launch today’s inquirer

into information-clogged cyberspace

where thousands of sources materialize

in hundredths of a second.

Google rules!  

Accessible, addictive, instantaneous information portal.


Individual results may vary.

Repeated use  

does not guarantee wisdom.


Comment:  Information is readily accessible. How it is verified, interpreted and used is often suspect.