Florence M. Zielinski


I do not need my cell phone but

you continue paying for it, and I do not use it.

I have not used it for two years.

One day I will not need anything but to

look in the palm of my hand.


Technology will reduce me to that.

I will need no computer, printing paper, e-mail or mail box.

I will need no telephone, stationery, pens or pencils.

All I will need is to look into the palm of my hand.

My bedroom will need no bookshelves, no books to read,

no boom box for music, not discs, no tapes.

That is OK with me.

I will have it all in the palm of my hand.

My bedroom will need a bed, and a chair.

Maybe it will be virtual.

I am not sure. I will not care.

I will have no favorite furniture to move or store.

I will have everything I will need all day.

If something is missing

I will look for it in the palm of my hand.

The palm of my hand would

supply all my needs.

On second thought...

I would not like eating out of the palm of my hand