Ode to Time

Sarah "Sadie" Dalla Costa


Folded into the mold of the earth

Encases time passed and time forgotten,

In a treasure chest filled with golden worth,

In a trunk spilling with secrets of men,

Burying underneath the modern world

As a journal, a rock wearied to sand

In where vermilion stains and stars combine

Securing a note furled –

Spluttered on one corner: Franz Ferdinand,

And another: Massacre, Columbine.


But maybe in this allegory cave,

We see the shadows which were seen before,

So sure that these events came from one wave

Streaming back to the waters once borne,

Drinking that on Vasco da Gama sailed,

Sparkling cave gems now our hands never first find,

But those that century’s ancestors reveal,

Past to the present old news trailed

Raised up to gods as if they’re star-signed;

Gods yawn like, ‘Saw same from Neanderthal.’


O time! Wearisome everlasting fate!

From wilting flowers, you bequeath the land

To sprouting seeds who bicker and debate!

With no reason you to us tripped and panned

Time: our most prominent antagonist,

Causing us to cower in constant fear,

But also our greatest healer:

On our tear-stained cheeks, hope you have kissed;

Caroling a hymn of remembrance

As we stare at history’s mirror

Into our own eyes.