Not even 100 letters would suffice


By Uma Singh


There are 26 letters

That can create 1 million 25 thousand 1 hundred 9 words

None of which will ever be able to explain the way my heart feels when I lay my eyes on you.

No written words do justice

To the way my soul melts every time the whites of your eyes disappear with your smile.

We’re lying in bed and my finger traces the words I love you down your spine

Over and over.

Part of me fears you’ll figure out what I’m carving into your skin,

But part of me wants you to know.

I want you to know that three words cannot begin to explain the way my chest tightens in attempt to contain my wild heart whenever you’re near,

I want you to know that there was never a time when my body was still in the presence of you


I want you to know that you mean more to me than any stanza can convey 

I want you to know,

That every time my lips taste your skin they’re aching for a chance to spill every lovely thought I’ve had about your mind,

Your body,

Your voice,

Your eyes,



No combination of letters could capture how much I love you.