love & kisses, spider



Hello, my dear. 

If you look on your thigh, 

way up high, 

you can see the mark 

where I left my love 

while you were asleep. 

After that, 

I crept to your mouth 

and gave you a kiss – 

you were dead to the world! 

Let’s be honest. 

I’m not the worst thing 

to crawl close to you. 

Who you let near 

is far more awful 

than little gray me. 

I’ve been watching, 

don’t try to pretend. 

When you feel low, 

so all alone, 

you want to feel pretty, 

you want to feel wanted, 

so out you go, 

but who you bring back 

makes me plain shudder. 

Listen to me, my girl! 

Don’t get trapped 

in that web, 

don’t spin the truth 

into one tasty lie 

after another 

that you 


again and