Nostalgia (Woody Allen, "Midnight in Paris")


Mardelle Fortier


The guy wanted to move to Paris,

at its “most beautiful in the rain.”


Inez wished to make money

and live in Malibu.


Gil hoped to pen a novel—

she dismissed this “romantic daydream.”


Lost in back streets of Paris,

Gil was picked up by a Peugeot.

The Fitzgeralds, Gertrude Stein, Hemingway;

everyone creative attended the party.

Gil found the lost generation...and a girl.


And everything was even lovelier

in the rain. One could become

hooked on the past.


Adriana and Gil: caught

in the glittering magic of Paris.

A kiss could keep one

enthralled in a Golden Age.

Everyone has a different Golden Age.


But many of us agree:

Paris is most intriguing in the rain.