Mommy Says

Amy Peter


Mommy says I have to go to bed,

no matter what excuses I tell her.

I want to stay and play all night,

but she says there's time for that when I'm older.


Mommy says I should eat healthy stuff,

so I grow up big and strong.

I wish she'd let me eat something sweet,

'cause the time until I'm grown is so long!  


Mommy says I shouldn't play with the older kids,

'cause they're "dangerous" and "break all the rules."

But it seems like so much fun lighting smoky sticks,

and drinking bottles of apple juice.


Mommy says I shouldn't get upset at how I look,

or that I'm so small.

She says one day I'll be a beautiful girl,

but I don't believe her at all.


Mommy says I shouldn't get angry at people at school,

or cry over stupid boys.

One day soon she warns,

they'll break a lot more than just my toys.


Mommy says I'll find my someone,

someone who loves me as much as she does.

But I don't think that's true,

'cause there's no one that can replace my mommy’s love.


Mommy says I should always listen,

'cause someday I'll need all of her advice.

Now that I'm older,

I know that Mommy was right.