By Madeline Jefferies


Rushing and bustling

nonstop hustling

it creates nothing inside

but internal tussling.

Emailing and messaging

IMing and inboxing

leave no room

for my mouth to your listening.

Imagine the world

with your phone turned off

with eyes wide open

and your soul turned soft.

Imagine the feeling

the feeling of bBeing

of being the imagination

that the world is needing.

Imagine the person

who yearns for your hand

to let go of troubles

and to leave this land.

Imagine the place

that leaves no trace

of a virtual self

or a physical wealth.

Imagine the you

the you that can do

all the things

that you never dreamed to.

Imagine the impact

that blows all minds

that creates a new purpose

for man of all kind.

Beeping and buzzing

tedious combusting

networking and connecting

with no real investing.

Peace and inventing

with ideas innovating

leave a universe of room

for mindful unendings.