How Insurance Adjusters Get their Game On (Spam Poem)


Ryan K. Sauers


here at Midcentral Domestic Indemnity

we protect the financial hardships

and interests of our clients

the hospital or doctor

not families with catastrophic illness’


remember we are unable

to pay benefits to you

OR to your family


some of our top performers

have no work experience

in any of these positions

but please take a moment

to review our website


we are looking for your friends

or other individuals who might have

a resume similar to yours

since you have no entrepreneurial spirit

integrity or advancement

opportunities within our company


we offer


a nurse visit and your phone number

to a hospice assistant

because your mental

status has changed


also included is

personalized training

company trips and professional


stock options

$60-$80k weekly

performance based compensation

and other rewards and bonuses

for a lifetime residency

in our pathology department


to schedule an interview

let me know if you want me

bring a copy of your medical records

and common scams and please


our Trust and Security Team


arrive in person 10 minutes early

and dress in the parking lot


with warm regards




Midcentral Domestic Indemnity

Recruiting Director