Estefania Gonzalez


To the morning star

and the haunted woods

To the gates ahead

and through fields of thorns

In fire I have traveled

from a bleeding wound

Through a French child’s eyes

and a gentle hand


From the darkest ends of hatred

I forgave the reeds by the river

though their kind touch was never present

Their arms did nothing but push me into deep water

But it is you my morning star

in whom I've found hope

Knowing that light is living

and happiness can be found in darkness

Though my brush cannot capture you

all I am able is a shadow of your true beauty

If you could but be here now my dear friend

how you would smile and laugh


Although time has passed

I expect you would most love the spring

So like you in so many ways

After a long winter you were my revival

like fresh rain

You brought out my leaves

You put pigment in my flowers

You unfroze the glacier of my heart

You who fearlessly faced the end

no regrets and yet so little

so young with so much ahead

Only to be taken too soon

your light may have faded from this world

but you are shining elsewhere

even brighter than ever before.