Graduation Day

Bonniejean Alford

The culmination of one life phase,

built on all that came before.

A most real and true

final transition into adulthood.

Late nights and no sleep,

led to this moment,

yet they cannot compare

to the amazingness

of experiences still to come.

Excitement overshadows all else,

as happy dances through the day.

Smiles sing the joy of work done well.

Lessons learned,

both in the classroom and not,

shape the soul; Prepare the character.

Promises of a future shine in the eyes,

with painted hats and family gathered.

A new day awaits;

new challenges to overcome.

Tomorrow arrives in the present,

with the path of knowledge yet to unfold;

for there remains so much to learn,

much more to suffer and enjoy.

But, today, graduation honors

the facts and figures

that still swim in the head.

Don't shed that which is learned in haste,

for some must remain,

as the foundation of everything

life is meant to hold.

Go forth, spread your wings.

Risk everything.