French Ice Dancers


By Mardelle Fortier 


("Flamenco," Olympics, Gwendal Paiserat and Marina Anissina)

She wears red

Whirling wild

Her fire draws the pale partner

into combustion

He wears black

kicks hard and fast

The man cold perfection

The woman fiery passion

As music pines, beats

rattles for this one ephemeral moment

They dance on wicked feet

he lifts her to just the right height

Jump quick land

Feline leg stretched fast retracts

Skirts swishing, red hair clamped

she throws a leg over his

They flow seamlessly together

as flame on flame

Yet he is detached as ice

almost as strong

Stamp stamp every move


Silkily flirting she fans his spark

until they are

hard to catch

hard to stop as fire