For Those That Suffer



Inhale; exhale. 


A surge of electricity engulfs my brain and I am floating; 



Inhale; exhale. 


Numbness falls upon my tongue, 

my arm is a wet noodle laid upon a bed of pins and needles. 

I try with all my might to curl my toes, but the end result is frustrating and fruitless; 



Inhale; exhale, 


like I am blowing on hot soup. 

Tears pour from my sockets and drown my face; 

I beg my body for relief, only to have it mock me in return, 


Inhale; exhale.  


I am a prisoner trapped within the walls of my beating heart, 

I am a prisoner trapped between numb lips and incoherent speech. 


Inhale; exhale.  


I tell myself my adrenal system is overloaded,  

I tell myself no one has ever died from a panic attack. 

Looking up at these hospital walls, 

while a needle pierces my skin... 


Inhale; exhale.  



a monster I have created and sustained for way too long. 


Inhale; exhale.  


I must not let it consume me, 

I must not let it control me, 

I must not let it hinder me. 


Inhale, exhale.