False Fairytale


Alexandra Kurza


Disguised as Prince Charming,

my eyes saw perfection.

You were gallant and bold,

and I blinded with deception.


My heart pleaded for you,

desired your loving glance.

But my brain said “no,

let go here’s your chance.”


I clung to the idea

that you could be mine.

I wasted my feelings,

and wasted my time.


How did I fall

for someone like you?

How could I have possibly

been such a fool?


Your true colors shone,

brighter than fool’s gold.

I should have given up,

the first time I was told.


You were a prince,

but not of my fairytale.

You were a villain,

who stole a heart so frail.


So now our chapter closes,

we don’t have to pretend.

We had our fun,

now goodbye, and the end.