By Amy Peter


You expected me to laugh,

I didn't, I cried.  

You expected me to be happy,

I wasn't, I wanted to die.

You expected me to be early not late,

I couldn't be, I had problems being on time.

You expected too much from me.


I expected you to be true,

you weren't, you lied.

I expected you to support me,

you didn't, you weren't there when I needed.

I expected you to love me,

I don't feel like you do or ever did.

I expected too much from you.


We expected too much from each other.

We both expected the other to fight for us,

and we both ended up losing.

Our expectations weren't realities, that's why we're where we are now.

I know now not to expect too much,

so I'll never get my heart broken by expectations like this again.