By  Gail Cairns


ECT- Electro-Convulsive Therapy- a controversial treatment in which a convulsion or seizure is produced by passing an electric current through the brain

My sister took me that first time

She even drove my car

She had no experience with this

But she came with an army anyway

We had to get up very early

Because it’s first come first served

Even though what they serve

Is nearly beyond bearable

She talked to me

Like you would an injured bird

She knew that it was all I could do

To just be, and feel afraid, and make myself small

And I couldn’t speak much

So she spoke to me

From time to time we would look at each other

And find each other inside of all the strangeness


Then the others took over

My sister told me she would be right there

Waiting to take me home

And when it was over

She brought me home

She took over completely

And as I slept

She cleared the rooms, hallways, stairways of shame

Sometime we can look back

At this extraordinary task

And triumph will claim us

By the depth we belong together

Then when we look at each other

We will be overcome

With all the love that we had made

On that terrible, terrible day