Drunken Regret


By Amy Peter


You were drunk, and I was too,

but I needed you.

I knew I shouldn't call, it was so late,

but I did anyway.

If I had known before that you'd been drinking,

I would've hung up the phone;

but you said you'd pick me up and there's no way I could've known.

When you got to the party, I noticed something wasn't right;

but I was feeling so sick and just wanted to end the night.

I'll always remember that car ride memory,

and I live everyday believing if It hadn't happened you'd still be here.

You were there for me when I needed you until the very end;

and I'm so sorry, so very sorry.  

I hope you forgive me, dear friend.

I'd give anything to go back in time and not pick up that phone,

because one slip in the rain,

a hydroplane,

and you never got to go home.