Dripping with Blood

Ryan Santangelo

 Once upon a time, there was a little old lady, sitting in a rocking chair in her living room, knitting a sweater on a calm, quiet Sunday evening. All of a sudden, the phone next to her rings. She picks up the phone and hears, “I'm one block away dripping with blood.”

The old lady confusingly says, “What did you say?” and then the caller hangs up. The old lady thinks this is very strange, but she doesn’t think much of it. She just ignores it, and continues to knit her sweater.  

   Unexpectedly, her phone rings again about a minute later. She picks up the phone, “Hello?”

She hears the caller say, “I'm half a block away dripping with blood.”

The old lady exclaims, “Who is this? Why are you calling me? What are you-” the caller hangs up the phone before she could finish speaking. The old lady begins to feel a little nervous, so she gets up from her rocking chair to close the blinds on her window, and lock all the doors. She tries to calm herself down by taking a few deep breaths, sits back down, and continues to knit her sweater. She tries to not think about the strange phone calls that she's receiving.

    About a minute later, the lady’s phone rings again. Slowly, the lady picks up her phone, and brings it to her ear. As she answers the phone, her hands are trembling, and her palms are sweaty. “Hello?” she says in fear.

The caller says, “I'm right in front of your door, dripping with blood.” The lady drops her phone, and runs into her basement as quickly as she can. She slams the door shut, and locks it. She crouches behind a couch in her basement, trembling in fear. She prays that the person calling her will leave her house, and leave her alone.  

    Suddenly, the lady feels her leg start to vibrate. Her cellphone is ringing. She takes her phone out of her pocket, and looks at it. It is an unknown number. With butterflies in her stomach, and her hands shaking, she slowly answers her phone. “Hello?” she says.

The caller was breathing heavily into the phone for a few seconds, then finally says, “I'm right behind you, dripping with blood.”  

    Shaking in fear, the old lady drops her phone, slowly creeps up from behind the couch, and turns around. She sees… her grandson! Her 8-year-old grandson Johnny, who lives about a block away, has a cut on his finger, which was dripping with blood.  

    The grandma says, “Johnny you scared the daylights out of me! What did you do to your finger?”

Johnny responds, “I was playing with my new arts and crafts kit, and then I cut my finger with my scissors trying to make a paper snowman. And then we didn't have bandaids at my house! So mommy told me to come here.”

The old lady says, “Oh my poor baby. But why were you talking in that creepy voice on the phone?”

Johnny says, “I was pretending to be a ghost, Grandma! And my finger was dripping with blood!”