A Cannibal of Sexuality



You are my Kalona, my Klaus,  

I fight to tame the demons in our game of house.  

To be human is to be an animal;  

to desire, to eat one another, is a cannibal. 

A cannibal of sexuality 

can be right by morality,  

but it’s two you devour the flesh of 

as your charcoaled wings loom from above.  

Your mask chiseled and firm, 

as I am marked with your sweet burn.  


I look up to you as my protector, my lover, 

but it is from you I have to seek cover.  

For my heart doesn’t grant me a choice, 

even as danger hides behind the song of your voice. 

The lyrics in which I read, 

causes my heart to bleed. 

Yet I willingly give you my body, 

begging you to feed.